Veerle Pieters

Veerle Pieters is an outstanding, mystical designer. She started her career on her own, before photoshop and illustrator. She is a mostly self-taught enterprise with the desire of heart.

Her career began in 1992 as a one-woman business focusing on logos and print. In 1995, she added website design, user interfaces, and multimedia development to her arsenal.

Her company, Duoh! became an official legal entity in 2000, and is now the studio of Veerle and Geert Leyseele, who are partners in work and life.

Q. Samson and Gert or Sesame Street?

Sesame Street. Loved it when I was a kid.

Q. If we looked at your drawing notebook from your childhood, what is the recurring theme be?

Nature and flowers, all with a lot of colors.

Q. Since you never have had a boss before, would you rather have David Brent (The Office) or Gordon Ramsey (Chef) as your boss?

Probably neither as I haven’t got any experience in listening and following orders 🙂 If I really have to choose David Brent.

Q. Unicycle or Tricycle?


Q. Rank these Belgian Treats – Chocolate, Beer, Carbonadeflamandeor stoofvlees.

Chocolate, stoofvlees, beer.

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