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Bradford Shellhammer is a colorful badass. He has been named one of the ‘100 Most Creative People in Business’ by Fast Company, coined the ‘King of Quirk’ by Forbes Magazine, and the ‘Eames of E-Commerce’ by USA Today.

As chief design officer of Fab, the design-obsessed flash-sale site he co-founded in 2011, Shellhammer was instrumental in changing the way online consumers shop and navigate. In March of this year, Shellhammer launched Bezar, the definitive marketplace for design. It is a way for designers to sell directly to consumers. This isn’t Fab 2.0, this is much more intricate with a sharp eye for detail, personal taste, and just simply making items accessible to everyone, like Ikea.

It was an absolute blast to interview Mr. Shellhammer. Here are his smart answers to our dumb questions.


Featured Question

Since your name sounds like that of a superhero, what would be the name of your arch nemesis?

Todd Radom is a team player…quite literally. He is a slugger, a sports branding expert, a craftsman, and a historian. He has become endemic to sports culture.

Radom has done logos for just about every big event in American professional sports. Todd’s work includes the official logos for Super Bowl XXXVIII and the 2009 NBA All Star Game, as well as the graphic identity for Major League Baseball’s Washington Nationals and Los Angeles Angels.

Among the leading designers in the professional sports industry, his two decades of work with the NFL, NBA, and Major League Baseball have resulted in some of the most familiar icons of our popular culture.

The baseball season just came to an end with the Kansas City Royals defeating the New York Mets to win the World Series, perfect timing for us to score a DQSD interview with the king of sports iconography. (more…)

Featured Question

World Series, nationally televised, do you feel confident throwing out the first pitch?

Aaron Draplin is a damn good designer. His company, the Draplin Design Co., has worked with brands like Esquire, Nike, Red Wing, Hughes Entertainment, Wired, Coal Headwear, Patagonia, Burton Snowboards, and Ford Motors. When the Obama administration needed help on a logo for the DOT Tiger Program & Recovery.gov, they called Draplin.

On top of all the killer design work he has done, he then went and created Field Notes, a notebook for anyone with a back pocket and an idea. Through Draplin’s blood and sweat, he took the mundane concept of a notebook and made it into a necessary tool.

Behind the lumberjack myth, he is a simple man. He loves working, he loves junkin’ and he loves music. All in all, he is super nice and down-to-earth, a guy you’d want to grab a beer with, and simultaneously complain about and celebrate the world. Sidenote: I just ordered myself one of those badass Draplin Design Co hats.


Featured Question

Do you write your Field Notes in pen, pencil or blood?

Jon Contino is New York. We caught him on daddy day while his daughter was playing with Play-Doh in the background. The phone interview couldn’t have been more perfect. His voice has that New York snare to it, complete with the cadence of traffic trailing off over a bridge into another borough. As you may know, he specializes in old school lettering with new school flare; that may be putting it too simply. Hard work and history permeate every fiber of his aesthetics. The dude revels in the imperfections of old ink and paper. He has done work for giants like Nike, 20th Century Fox, Miller High Life, even the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. He loves hard music, the Yankees, his wife and his daughter. Other than that, he is just a super nice dude, and we are thankful for letting us get to know him with our dumb questions. (more…)

Featured Question

Would you rather be the brand manager or general manager for the Yankees?

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