Mackey Saturday

Mackey Saturday is a prolific, enigmatic designer, and when it comes to his work, he never settles.

Mackey is a principal designer at Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv, a firm specializing in the development of trademarks, print, web and motion graphics, exhibitions and art in architecture.

Mackey now lives with his wife in Brooklyn. He is responsible for some of today’s most exciting identities, including Instagram, Oculus, and Luxe, just to name a few major players. He has spoken at AIGA events, creative conferences, as well as taught at universities and design schools all over the country.

Ever since he was a kid, drawing fish at the kitchen table, he has trained his mind and his hands to work together, honing a skill that has designed his life and work.

Q. Biggest pet peeve post on Instagram?

Instagram Logo Mackey SaturdayWhen people’s feed turn completely to their newborn child. Oh no, here’s my biggest pet peeve on Instagram. Better than that, it’s everybody using their Instagram to promote their Snapchat.

Q. In ten words, what does New York City smell like?

Well, it depends on what part of town you’re in. Ice cream melting on sweaty concrete with some sewage water. Yeah something like that. You know a little bit sweet, a little bit sour, always a surprise.

Q. Snowboarding (trick) or Skateboarding (trick)? What is what?

Skateboarding trick. 360 flip. I can still land them. I think as I got older they got easier than kick flips. Kick flips became hard and 360 flips got easier.

Q. Who would you rather enjoy tea with, Ice T or Ice Cube?

Ice Cube.

Q. What is the strangest rewards program you are a member of?

16 Handles, the ice cream shop. I don’t know, I have one of those cards in my wallet. I eat a lot of ice cream.

Q. When was the last time you drew a fish?

Good question, probably 8 years ago unfortunately.

Q. Would you rather be called Wacky Wednesday or Freaky Friday?

I’ll take Wacky Wednesday.

Q. Better way to spend a Sunday, VR’ing or RV’ing?

Oculus Virtual Reality Mackey SaturdayRV’ing wearing a VR.

Q. Do you have any recurring dreams?

Never have. I actually want to have recurring dreams. A lot of times I have good dreams and I want to go back into them, but you have to wake up. I can’t go back.

Q. What’s your favorite type of flooring?

Wax white oak.

Q. When’s the last time you flossed?

Last night. You have the ones with the little tooth pick and have the floss on the end. If I have those ones I floss all the time.

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